Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Duck Pond

Mallard, female

Our Side of the Mountain is hosting their first ever Explorers Blog Hop. I'm excited to take part because our family enjoys exploring.

I was told there was a beaver at our favorite park, which we call The Duck Pond. So, today after church we went to see if we could find it. It was a perfect outing for this new blog hop.

Mr. T & I chose this guy as our favorite duck of the day.

We watched this squirrel dig up a nut.

Anna's Hummingbird
Mr. T was surprised to see a hummingbird in winter. I told him this species does stay here through the winter.

Great Blue Heron
One of my favorite birds. The kids don't get near as excited as I do when we spot one.

We did end up finding the beaver. Unfortunately, I think it was probably dieing. It was laying near the pond, but out in the wide open grass. It never moved or opened its eyes even though we were standing around it talking. We could see it breathing, so it wasn't dead yet. But, it didn't look well.

The tail and back feet looked beat up.

We watched this duck dig in the mud for food.

We guessed this was a male...

... and this was a female.

American Coot
We voted this guy as having the coolest legs.

This was another fun day exploring The Duck Pond!

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  1. Oh, wow! That duck pond offers quick a bit of nature study, huh? I like Blue Herons too! We had one hanging out at the end of our road for a few weeks in the summer months. (We have ponds and lakes everywhere here so we were surprised it was in the TINY one at the end of the road.) Ironically we have a Blue Heron nesting ground preserve not far from here, but we've NEVER seen a heron there! LOL

    Poor beaver! Are motorized boats allowed in the pond? Or perhaps it was hit by a vehicle?

    Love the ducks of course! LOL

    Thanks for posting about the hop and linking up!

    1. I'm afraid the beaver was just sick. But, that doesn't explain all the cuts on its tail. There are no boats in the pond. The poor thing was in rough shape.


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