Monday, February 11, 2013

Mixed Media Valentine's Collage

Thanks to pinterest I saw a mixed media piece of art that I loved. It looked like something my kids would enjoy creating & is different than the art we typically make. Here's how to make the kid version of this super cool masterpiece.

Supplies: Tissue paper (tiny scraps are fine), art paper, oil pastels, glue stick, fine tip sharpie & scissors.

Trim art paper to 5"x5".
Then, blend pastels to color the background.

Cut 4 squares, each 2"x2".
Use a fine-tip sharpie to create line designs. Before the kids did this part of the project we talked about how lines are one of the elements of design.

Make line designs on each of the 4 squares.

Cut out 4 hearts that are each smaller than 2".

My kids chose to make each heart a different color.

Lastly, assemble the collage. The oil pastel background is the bottom, the 4 line design squares are next & the hearts are on top. We also matted the artwork to give it a finished appearance.

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