Sunday, February 10, 2013

January in Review

January was a nice, slower month for us. I needed that... a lot. We aren't joining back up with our homeschool group this term. We all enjoyed the group, but I was feeling overwhelmed & pulled in too many directions. So, for now, we're not taking part in that activity. I'm also taking Science & Social Studies at a much slower pace.

• Zoo Trip •
For fun, we went to the Oregon Zoo to see Lily, the baby Asian elephant.

• Learning Addition Facts •
Mr. T is memorizing addition facts this term.
Each week we're using the flashcards from our Saxon math curriculum, Wrap-ups & Math-Mania worksheets.

I found these Math-Mania addition facts worksheets at Have Fun Teaching. They are working great for Mr. T.

We are using the addition facts progress chart I made last year.
Click here to download it for free.

• Short Vowel Sounds •
All year Mr. T has struggled with when to use an e or i. He typically reads the words correctly, but often mixes them up when he spells a word with a short e or i sound.
I put together this simple activity with the hopes of reinforcing the sounds. Three cards spell one word. The beginning & ending sounds are set in the pockets with a space in between. He has to choose whether an e or i belongs in the middle to spell the word correctly.

• Learning State Capitals •
Capt. N has been learning all 50 state capitals.
I made a series of worksheets to help Capt. N learn 10 capitals per week. Click here to read more about the worksheets or click here to download them for free.

• Human Body •
 This term for science we are learning about the human body.

• 4-H •
 Mr. T is in a small animal 4-H club that focuses on chickens. This month they learned about the various parts of a chicken & even dissected one.

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