Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Celebrating Valentine's Day at Home

To celebrate Valentine's Day we made a few crafts beforehand then had a small family only lunch party. It was so simple, but the kids really were looking forward to it & they enjoyed the day.

We made Valentine's Day themed crafts:
Egg Shell Mosaic

Mixed Media Collage

Tree of Love, similar to the one at The Preschool Toolbox.

We have the Valentine's crafts displayed throughout the house, including in our entryway.

Making & Giving Valentine's to Each Other:
We each made a container to hold our Valentine's. Capt. N chose to make his out of legos. I had plans to have them put together a bit more creative containers, but time just didn't allow for that. Maybe next year.

I had the boys look at my pinterest site to decide which Valentine they wanted to make for the rest of the family. Capt. N chose these cool creatures from Made by Joel.

Mr. T right away chose mustache suckers similar to the ones at Blonde-Designs. Princess K gave everyone the same store bought Valentine's she gave to the kids in her preschool class.

I was a total cheapskate this year. I bought them each a box of candy hearts & that's it. The candy hearts were from me, as their mom. I also put together a little baggie of goodies from me, as their teacher. The pencil, eraser & baggie are from last years after Valentine's Day clearance sales. I should not admit this, but the candy is leftover from Halloween. I printed the cute bookmark from Positively Splendid.

Mr. T made me these 3 special Valentine's!

My mom sent each of the kids Valentine's. The fun thing is that they are old school Valentine's - like from when my sister & I were young. The copyright on this Cabbage Patch Valentine is 1985. I now know where I get my I can't throw it out, I might need it some day attitude. I think I loved getting these even more than the kids did.

Valentine's Day Lunch:
Heart shaped cheese quesadilla's. They were yummy!

Heart shaped churros.
Of course, ours aren't near as good looking as the ones at Girl Meets Sugar, but they still tasted good & the kids were impressed.

I hope everyone else had a good Valentine's Day, too!
To see how we celebrated last year, click here.


  1. What a celebration! I especially love your art area. I think I will make one like that, too!
    I have given you a blog award...
    Have a nice day!

  2. I really like your blog--lots of great ideas! I also have an award for you, but it's not the same one Phyllis has given you. Have a great day! http://homeschooladventures3.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/blog-award.html

    1. Thanks!!! You two are the first to ever give me an award. Thanks, again!


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