Thursday, February 28, 2013

President's Day Activities

To honor two great men & celebrate President's Day the kids did a few simple activities:

My kids absolutely loved this video!

Washington crossing the Delaware
Lincoln Monument

Abraham Lincoln writing & craft from Step into Second Grade. Mr. T's paragraph fit on Mr. Lincoln's hat, but I expected Capt. N to write a bit more. So, his writing continued on another sheet of paper we stapled to the hat.

Worksheets from Step into Second Grade & the Loco Teacher

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Mystery Graph from Super Teacher Worksheets
3D Washington Memorial from Step into 2nd Grade

Click the links to see pics from:
Our Lincoln Memorial Visit
Views of the Washington Monument
President Busts at LegoLand

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Celebrating Valentine's Day at Home

To celebrate Valentine's Day we made a few crafts beforehand then had a small family only lunch party. It was so simple, but the kids really were looking forward to it & they enjoyed the day.

We made Valentine's Day themed crafts:
Egg Shell Mosaic

Mixed Media Collage

Tree of Love, similar to the one at The Preschool Toolbox.

We have the Valentine's crafts displayed throughout the house, including in our entryway.

Making & Giving Valentine's to Each Other:
We each made a container to hold our Valentine's. Capt. N chose to make his out of legos. I had plans to have them put together a bit more creative containers, but time just didn't allow for that. Maybe next year.

I had the boys look at my pinterest site to decide which Valentine they wanted to make for the rest of the family. Capt. N chose these cool creatures from Made by Joel.

Mr. T right away chose mustache suckers similar to the ones at Blonde-Designs. Princess K gave everyone the same store bought Valentine's she gave to the kids in her preschool class.

I was a total cheapskate this year. I bought them each a box of candy hearts & that's it. The candy hearts were from me, as their mom. I also put together a little baggie of goodies from me, as their teacher. The pencil, eraser & baggie are from last years after Valentine's Day clearance sales. I should not admit this, but the candy is leftover from Halloween. I printed the cute bookmark from Positively Splendid.

Mr. T made me these 3 special Valentine's!

My mom sent each of the kids Valentine's. The fun thing is that they are old school Valentine's - like from when my sister & I were young. The copyright on this Cabbage Patch Valentine is 1985. I now know where I get my I can't throw it out, I might need it some day attitude. I think I loved getting these even more than the kids did.

Valentine's Day Lunch:
Heart shaped cheese quesadilla's. They were yummy!

Heart shaped churros.
Of course, ours aren't near as good looking as the ones at Girl Meets Sugar, but they still tasted good & the kids were impressed.

I hope everyone else had a good Valentine's Day, too!
To see how we celebrated last year, click here.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Learning State Capitals - Week 3

I moved this post to our new website. I apologize for the inconvenience.
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Friday, February 22, 2013

Washington Monument

Since I posted about the Lincoln Memorial on Lincoln's Birthday it seems only fitting that I post about the Washington Monument on George Washington's Birthday. The monument itself was closed due to earthquake damage in 2011. But, it towered over the city making it awesome just because of its huge size. It stands 555 feet high. Different than much of the Greek inspired architecture in the city, this Monument is in the shape of an Egyptian obelisk.

I'm sure Capt. N & my friend were getting sick of me continuing to take pics of the Monument. But, I couldn't help it. Everywhere we went there it was peeking out at us.

One of our first glimpses of the Monument. Of course there was construction going on. There seemed to be a ton of construction happening in the city.

Early in the morning, near sunrise

I believe the red lights are there to make aircraft aware of the obelisk, but they seem kind of like spooky red eyes glaring at me.

The Washington Monument, as seen from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

Vietnam War Memorial

Constitution Gardens Pond

Geese near the pond in the National Mall

World War II Memorial

Me, at the White House gates with the Washington Monument behind me.

Standing tall & proud

Floral Library

The National Mall lawn was getting redone when we were there. The Reflecting Pool down by the Lincoln Memorial was being improved as well. So, from both ends of the Mall was construction looking towards the Monument. That was a bummer, but gives me something to look forward to seeing complete the next time I go.

You can even see the Monument across the river at Arlington.

Living on the west coast, we don't have easy access to these National treasures & it was a real treat to get to enjoy them in person.

A little tip for fellow Pacific NW peeps, take any opportunity to go to Washington DC. It's worth it. But, do yourself a favor & don't let that opportunity happen in July. I was expecting hot & humid. But, I wasn't expecting it to be so, so hot & humid. It was almost miserable. But darn it, I was there to see the sights; so that's what I did. And I enjoyed them a lot!... But, I will never ever (if at all possible) go back in July. My northwest body isn't used to the eastern humidity.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Great Backyard Bird Count 2013

This past weekend was the Great Backyard Bird Count. It is a Citizen Science project where you count birds then submit what you saw.

The weather was mostly cooperative for the bird count. We had a little sun...

... but, also a bunch of fog & only a little rain.
We were able to get out a number of times over the weekend to search for birds.

Mr. T brought along my old camera on our walks.

Here are a few of Mr. T's pics:

Princess K & the dog also went along sometimes.

Princess K found a bird & is pointing it out to me.

My favorite photo of the weekend is this one of a gray jay sticking out his tongue while eating suet.

Lately, I've been having a good time checking out the birds around our house. To date, I've snapped pics of 39 different species that have come to visit. Check out my other blog to see pics of all 39.

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