Saturday, January 12, 2013

Draw-Sculpt-Build Printable Game

It has become tradition that we host Christmas Eve at our house. We keep things simple & casual, usually serving finger foods. I also like to play some sort of game. Every year we've done something different. One year we played Bingo. Last year we played our version of Minute to Win It. This year I was stumped & ended up creating my own game.

I tried coming up with an uber-clever name - which didn't work. So, let me teach you how to play Draw • Sculpt • Build. It's similar to Pictionary, except you also have the options of sculpting with play-doh or building with Legos.

1. Divide your group into two teams.
After picking teams, decide which team will go first. We'll call the first team, Team A.

2. Pick a Card
Place all your cards in one pile. Then one person from Team A picks a card. She looks at the card, but doesn't show it to anybody else. This is what she will be drawing, sculpting or building.

3. Spin
Next she spins the spinner to determine whether she will draw, sculpt or build.

4. Draw, Sculpt or Build
Next draw (or sculpt or build) the item from your card. Team A has one minute to guess what she is drawing. If they guess correctly, Team A gets a point and she gets to pick another card & draw again. The goal is to get your team to guess as many items as they can in one minute. If Team A doesn't guess it correctly, Team B gets one try at guessing it. After Team A's minute is up, it's Team B's turn. Then back to Team A. And, so on.

5. Prizes
We played with prizes, but, of course you don't have to. Every time a team got 10 points the entire team got to pick a prize.
We had hot chocolate & fruit ropes for the kids.

Wine & chocolate liquors for the adults.

And, pistachios & dried fruit mix for everyone.

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