Friday, January 4, 2013

December in Review

As I looked back to get pics ready for this post, I realized December was a very full month even though we were on break for part of it. We did many fun things as a family, with friends and even in school.

We had Gingerbread Week

We had Reindeer Week

We learned about the 50 states with Christmas Around the USA.

We had a fun holiday area to display some of our school work.

Mr. T & I played a new math card game.

We went to the Oregon Zoo Lights

We went to the Audubon Society

We went to Omsi (a science center in Portland)

Capt. N's First Lego League team competed in a tournament & even won the Best Robot Design trophy.

The kids had their end of the term program with our Homeschool Group. Princess K said she wanted to be a gymnastics coach when she grows up so she showed off by doing a bridge. Mr. T said he wanted to be a scientist, which I think would be a great job for him. I wouldn't be surprised if one day he really is a scientist.

Princess K had her preschool Christmas program.

The kids were in the Christmas play at church. Capt. N was a wise man, Mr. T was Joseph & Princess K was Mary. And just as she did last year, Princess K was a microphone hog. She loves the spotlight. One day I might have to put her in some kind of theater class.

We had our first real snow of the year.

Thanks to pinterest, I wrapped 24 Christmas books & the kids took turns picking one each day. Then I would read it to them. Each morning the kids ate a chocolate from an advent calendar given to them by my mom, opened a tab on their lego advent calendar & listened to the Christmas book. I was a little nervous that this would get to be a hassle as the month progressed, but we all seemed to do well with it.

I don't know what got into me that I bought each kid their own lego advent calendar. Part of it is that I love a theme. And since Halloween we've been on a Lego & Star Wars kick. So, I found the Lego Star Wars advent calendar on sale & bought it thinking they could take turns opening the boxes and they could share the legos.

But then on Black Friday, BiMart had the Lego City & Lego Friends advent calendars on sale for only $21. I decided to buy both, then all the kids could have their own calendars to open each day. The kids loved it. It was a highlight of each day.

As if Lego pieces aren't small enough, the Lego Friends come with even tinier accessories. My guess is Princess K will lose them faster than she plays with them. But, the regular Lego pieces in this set were fun.

And, a very exciting part of the month was watching our chicks hatch.

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