Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Reindeer Report

As part of our Reindeer Week, the boys created reindeer reports. We started by visiting a Christmas tree farm that had reindeer. The kids were quite interested in the reindeer. They asked the woman watching the reindeer all sorts of questions including, "How can you tell the difference between the boys & girls since they both have antlers?" The poor woman did such a good job answering them honestly without being weird about it. We also got a couple books from the library to learn a bit more.

They used a coffee filter book idea from That Artist Woman for the report. I love how they turned out. They're chunky and not perfect at all.

:: The Cover ::
The boys started their cover by painting a piece of watercolor paper blue. After the blue dried they used the end of a paintbrush to make white snowflakes.

I made a template from an old cereal box that was the same size as the coffee filters. They traced around the template.

Then cut it out.

They glued their cut out snowy background onto a piece of chipboard. Next was drawing a reindeer head & cutting it out. Then add all the other details.

:: Inside Pages ::  
The boys made 4 pockets for their book. We scoured the reindeer/caribou books for information pertaining to that particular pocket. We discussed the information & I added it to the white board. The boys could then use that information to make tags for their pockets.
The first pocket is about random Reindeer Facts.

Mr. T's book has a couple photos added as pages.

The mammal pocket has three bits of information. 1.) A tabbed mini book showing the classification of reindeer from class to species. 2.) Various information about what makes a mammal a mammal. 3.) A photo with keywords pointing to the different parts of a reindeer.

Food Chain Pocket
Capt. N's food chain pocket has 3 pull outs. He made one sheet listing a reindeer's predators, another listing the things a reindeer eats & the third sheet has a diagram showing a bear eating a reindeer, which is eating grass.

The final pocket is a reindeer's habitat. The three things the boys chose to put in this pocket were a map showing where reindeer live, a paper listing the two types of reindeer habitats & a drawing of a reindeer in its habitat.

These turned out great. The kids not only learned a little more about reindeer, but we also had mini lessons on various habitats & animal classification. This was a fun project to work on right before Christmas break.

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  1. Those reports are quite beautiful. How do all the things stay in the pockets without falling out?

    1. Thanks! The kids had a good time making them. The stuff seems to stay in the pockets fairly well. But, I suppose if you messed with them too much things could fall out.


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