Monday, December 3, 2012

November in Review

November has been a fairly typical month. Nothing too excited to report, just all the daily grind. But, with it being the holiday season we did do a few fun activities.

We had a Thankful Turkey on our school room door. Throughout the month of November the kids added feathers to the turkey. They decorated the feathers & wrote one thing they were thankful for. Some of the things they were thankful for were family, entertainment, the world, water & the pilgrims.

We studied the Plymouth Colony using an Evan Moor History Pockets Book.

We even made hasty pudding like the Pilgrims ate. The kids were not too impressed.

Capt. N finished reading The Wind in the Willows.

Both boys are doing well with their spelling.

For the most part we stick to our All About Spelling curriculum, but occasionally I throw in other spelling activities.  This one is out of a Pocket Chart Helpers book by The Mailbox.

I came into the school room one day to Mr. T adding 3 digit numbers on the white board. For the most part he was doing them correctly, but he didn't know what to do when a number equaled more than ten. So, we spent a few minutes talking about that.

Mr. T also likes to play Life. I have to figure out how to add game playing to our weekly to-do list. We have many great educational games that we just don't have the time to play. I've gotta fix that.

We put together our Operation Christmas Child boxes. This year, our church gave us these nifty boxes to put our goodies in.

Inside one of our boxes. The kids had a great time picking out items they thought another child might like. It's so hard narrowing down the items to add. One of my favorite things we added was toothbrush & tooth paste kit that came in a zippered pouch. I thought the children receiving our boxes could find many uses for a zippered pouch. We also included a pencil case filled with pens, pencils, colored pencils & a pencil sharpener. The kids also added paper, crayons, balls, toys, books, soap, washcloth & more.

As soon as Thanksgiving was over we switched gears to Christmas mode. The next three weeks will have a theme. This weeks theme was Grinch Week.

We did a few Grinchy activities throughout the week. To check them out, click here.

Also new to our school day is Christmas Around the USA from Enchanted Homeschooling Mom. Last year we did Christmas Around the World and I had plans of doing that again this year. But, when I saw the Christmas Around the USA unit I knew it was perfect. We will be studying the states later this school year & this was the perfect introduction.

The boys added a bird feeder right outside our school room window. The birds love it. And we love watching the birds. A win, win situation.

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  1. What a wonderful month! I think it is wonderful he was doing math on his own. We love Wind in the Willows.


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