Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Grinch Week

I've put aside our normal Language Arts curriculum for the three weeks before Christmas break. Instead we are having theme weeks filled with Language Arts activities. Last week was Grinch Week with a focus on adjectives.

Our Grinch work displayed.

Last month we had our Thankful Turkey. The kids wrote things they were thankful for on feathers & added them to the turkey. As the month grew, so did our turkey. This month we have the Grinch, which I found at The Sharpened Pencil. Whenever the kids see someone doing something nice for somebody else they write it on a heart and add it to Mr. Grinch.

The boys wrote similes.

They also had a writing prompt that said "To make a Grinch grin I would..."

We talked about adjectives this week. The boys had a great time thinking about words to describe the Grinch. I found the Grinchy Adjectives, similes & writing prompt ideas at The First Grade Parade.

To go along with learning parts of speech we are doing a mad lib a day. The boys think they are the greatest thing.

They really get a kick out of anything bathroom related. For instance "If you live in a city, you will see many vacant toilets filled with hundreds of chickens for sale." had them roaring.

Mr. T colored this Adjective Alphabet book from Swimming into Second.

We discussed the adjectives on the page, then Mr. T wrote a sentence using one of them.

Capt. N has a pretty good grasp of what an adjective is, so instead of the alphabet book he drew Who-ville and wrote a story describing it.

Mr. T drew the Grinch, Max & Cindy Lou Who to add to our wall.

I found these sun catchers at Joann's. They were a super quick craft for the kids.

I ended the week by giving the boys a green candy with a saying from   telling that the Grinch licked all the candy canes green.

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  1. School looks like fun at your house! I write a homeschool blog & have recently started a weekly link up called Share It Saturday. I would love to have you stop by and participate! While you are there, be sure to also add your blog to the homeschool blog list. :) Thanks!


  2. What a fun "Grinchy" themed learning week! We also did a Grinch themed week in our school this past week. I love all of the writing assignments and art projects that you included in your week. Thank you for linking up to my Enchanted Thursdays Blog Hop this week (P.S. I noticed Karyn's comment above and I highly suggest checking out her site and linking up to her new blog hop. Karyn is the best!)


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