Sunday, December 30, 2012

Gingerbread Week

The first week in December was Gingerbread Week. I don't feel like we did a lot with gingerbread week, but what we did do the kids really enjoyed.

 :: Gingerbread Glyphs ::  
All three kids made a gingerbread glyph. We then glued their gingerbread man to construction paper & they each had a different task to complete.
Capt. N's Acrostic Poem
Mr. T's list of nouns
Princess K's letter tracing

:: Noun Town ::
During Grinch Week we studied adjectives. For Gingerbread Week we focused on nouns. To combine gingerbread & nouns we made a noun town.
The boys made their town by decorating paper gingerbread houses.
We discussed different types of community buildings. Then the boys made their buildings. Our town had a bakery, candy shop, school, Christmas tree shop, Hershey's Factory & 2 houses.
After making our town, the boys were given pieces of paper to write down as many nouns as they could find in our paper community.
The last day of Gingerbread Week they wrote a short story about the town.

:: Other ::
Mr. T categorized nouns from an Evan-Moor Literacy Center book into people, places or things.

Mr. T has been doing these Addition Adventure worksheets from MindWare. This week he completed the gingerbread man sheet.

We also did Christmas themed mad libs throughout the week. Unfortunately, we didn't ever get to the most important part of gingerbread week: actually making gingerbread men. Bummer! We have made gingerbread houses a number of times in the past, though.

I gotta say, I love theme weeks. They're just plain fun! What are your favorite themes?

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