Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Around the USA

The three weeks before Christmas break I basically threw all the regular curriculum to the side & focused on Christmas themed activities. One of the fun things we did was the Christmas Around the USA unit from Enchanted Homeschooling Mom. We kind of rushed it to get all 50 states squeezed in the three weeks, but we did it.

Our Christmas Around the USA set up

The unit has a pdf with Christmas activities you can do for each state. Many states also have crafts, links to a website or You Tube video, movie suggestions & holiday traditions from one family. My family's info is on Oregon's page. I didn't tell the boys that we were in the unit. They were shocked & so excited when we stumbled upon our picture and information. After we read through a couple states the boys would fill out little state cards and add them to their paper suitcase.

When they finished with their state cards they glued a state stamp into their passport.

Another fun thing was coloring a state penguin ornament after learning about each state. There were 50 penguins, of course, so the boys started getting creative with them. Some had different diseases & some had accessories for their profession.

The unit comes with an idea for making a cardboard tree, but instead we used this tiny fake tree I had with my Christmas stuff.

The unit also includes Christmas lights with state abbreviations on them. We used them to learn the abbreviations for each state. When we finished up the state stuff for the day I'd tell the boys the abbreviation and they had to guess which state it belonged to. I was actually quite surprised how much they loved this. Even on their own they'd look at the lights and try to remember which state it was.

 Other Activities for learning the 50 States:

We started the day by singing the 50 states song that came with the Christmas Around the USA unit & also watching on You Tube & trying to sing the Fifty States That Rhyme.
Scrambled States of America
We read the book & played the game. The boys loved the game. We'll need to make sure we continue to play it occasionally.

Each boy had their own workbook, but essentially they taught the same thing: state nicknames & capitals.

I really enjoyed this unit & I know my boys did too. It was just perfect for getting them excited to learn about the different states.

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  1. I didn't know that there were different Christmas traditions in the different states.


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