Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Simple Halloween Treats

I wanted to do a little something for my kids to celebrate Halloween. I didn't want it to include much candy since we had already gone to two Halloween parties and received a bunch & we would be trick or treating later that night. I also didn't want to buy trinket type toys since I had already bought a bunch of those to keep them busy on our road trip. I did come up with a cheap, simple Halloween treat.

A few weeks ago we went to Mickey's Halloween Party. This Vampire Mickey candy box was a perfect reminder of our fun time in Disneyland. It is a free printable from Disney Family.
The candy box was the perfect size to hold tic tacs & a small pack of Chiclets.

The only reason my kids got tic tacs was so I could put these super cute labels from Somewhat Simple on them. They liked the labels, too. But, the white tic tacs were too spicy for them.

I also added a glow stick to take trick or treating with us to each Mickey box.

Being on the west coast, Hurricane Sandy didn't effect our Halloween plans. It ended up being a perfect night for trick or treating. It rained all day, but let up by evening. It wasn't windy, rainy or cold. We don't always get that lucky.

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