Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Painting a Dragonfly Scene

I saw & loved the dragonfly art over at That Artist Woman. Just for fun, Mr. T did a little bit easier version. I love how it turned out. It looks fancy, but was totally doable for a first grader.

I did the first steps to get the project ready. I taped a piece of watercolor paper to the artboard & cut out the dragonfly template. I also mixed blue tempera paint with a bit of Texture It (from Crayola).

Mr. T painted the entire background blue & painted his dragonfly pieces. We tried to make the wings slightly iridescent by watering down the paint & adding a touch of Pearl It (also by Crayola). Looking closely you can see the shininess & texture of the Pearl It, but it's hardly recognizable in the pics.

After the blue dried, Mr. T painted the grass. I requested he try adding yellow & white to give the grass more depth. His natural instinct is to mix & blend all the colors, but I asked him to try not blending the yellow & white in so much & see what he thinks. He liked it. I like it, too.

Lastly, he glued on the dragonfly pieces, including the glass gem eyes.

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