Friday, November 30, 2012

Independent Work Time

The boys spend every Wednesday working independently. I am in town all day taking Princess K to her activities. We leave around 8:30 and get back home about 4:00 which means the boys have an entire day without their teacher. My hubby works from home on Wednesday's, so he's here to answer any questions they might have. But, mostly they're on their own.

When I leave Wednesday morning their school table looks like this. One pile of work for Mr. T, a pile for them to work on together & Capt. N's pile. The work varies from week to week, but I try to give them enough stuff to keep them busy for a few hours.

On the white board I write what they are supposed to have completed by the time I get home. I go over it with them before I leave in the morning.

:: Mr. T's (1st Grade) Independent Work ::
Mr. T's pile of independent work.
At the beginning of this school year it was a tad tricky figuring out what Mr. T could & couldn't do on his own. I have figured out what works best is to put most of his core curriculum aside & give him workbooks & activities that he can easily read himself.

These are the math activities I gave him for the Wednesday before Thanksgiving:
• Ordinal Numbers File Folder Activity from Evan Moor
• Math Facts Worksheet from his Saxon 2 curriculum
• Mayflower Math Facts from Enchanted Homeschooling Mom
• Extreme Dot to Dot from MindWare
(I originally bought these Extreme Dot to Dot books for Capt. N to work on his fine motor skills. But, then realized they are a fun way for Mr. T to learn his numbers since these dot to dots typically have over 500 dots)
• Addition Wrap-Ups
• Few pages from his Place Value Workbook from Flash Kids

I usually give Mr. T one super easy short story to read & one a little more challenging.

Language Arts
• Alphabetical Order File Folder Activity from Evan Moor
• Couple pages of handwriting practice from a Kumon workbook
• Couple pages out of the Phonics Vowels workbook from Flash Kids

:: Capt. N's (4th Grade) Independent Work ::
Capt. N's pile of independent work.
It is much easier to give Capt. N independent work. He can do most anything I give him. Although, I guess I had last year to work out the kinks with him.

• Multiplication Wrap-Ups
• Couple pages from a Division Workbook
(This is pretty easy for Capt. N. It was a book he started last year & he's finishing it up on Wednesdays for division review.)
• Two lessons from his Saxon 5/4 Curriculum

Language Arts
• Read 2 stories & answer comprehension questions from Reading A-Z
• Couple pages from a Main Idea workbook from Flash Kids
• Write sentences using spelling words

:: Independent Work for Both ::
For the most part the boys do the same work for Social Studies. So, quite often they will have an activity they can do together on Wednesdays. This time it was finishing up our Plymouth Colony unit.
• Write a Friendly Letter worksheet
• Reviewing Plymouth Colony unit worksheet
• Acrostic Poem
• First Thanksgiving worksheet
• Fill out on feathers 2 things they were thankful for

We're almost half way through our school year & I think we've finally figured out how Wednesday's work best for us. Do you have any independent work tips?

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