Tuesday, November 20, 2012

DIY Juice Pouch Coin Purse

These coin purses are quick & simple to make - which is probably why I enjoy making them. They aren't fancy. But, they are fun & the kids love them. They are even the perfect size to hold your driver's license & debit card if you want to keep one for yourself.

• 3 empty juice pouches (I like to use 3 of the same design, but that isn't necessary)
• 1 set of velcro dots
• button, ribbon or other accessories
• thread
• sewing machine

1. Before sewing you need to clean the juice pouches. Cut a slit in its bottom, then use soap & water to clean out any excess juice. Let dry. I use Goo Gone to remove the sticky spot where the straw used to be.

Pouch A
2. Cut along the curved border near the bottom edge.

3. Sew along the curved edge.

Pouch B
This will be the front of your coin purse.
4. Fold over the top edge just above the straw hole. Sew along the edge.

5. Sew on one velcro dot just below the straw hole, centered with the width of the juice pouch.

Pouch B
6. Flip Pouch B over and fold up the bottom. It wants to fold naturally near the top of the curved section. That's where I fold it. Trim off a bit of the excess. It doesn't want to stay, so I use tape to hold it in place. We will be sewing it in place in step 11.

Pouches A & C
Pouch C is the back of your coin purse.

7. Pouch A is the flap the folds over the top of your coin purse. It is sewn to the back, but will velcro in the front of the coin purse. Fold under Pouch A near the bottom. There is no right or wrong place - just whatever looks good to you. But, keep in mind you need a little extra to sew to the back.

8. Lay Pouch C in front of you. Place the folded edge of Pouch A right above the straw hole on pouch C. Pouch C will be right side up. Pouch A will be upside down.

9. Sew the two pouches together along Pouch A's folded edge.

10. Flip your newly sewn piece over and trim the excess "fabric" from the top of Pouch C.

Pouches A, B & C
Now is where it gets a teensy bit tricky with getting everything lined up.

11. The Pouches A & C piece now needs to match up with Pouch B. Fold Pouch A over the front of Pouch B. You can now see how far you need to fold up Pouch C at the bottom. Fold it so the bottom of Pouch C lines up with the bottom of Pouch B. Sew the two pieces together.

12. Sew the sides.

13. Sew on your second velcro dot to the underside of the flap (Pouch A).

The back will look something like this.

14. Sew on any embellishments. I always sew or glue on a button or gem on the flap to cover up the stitches from sewing on the velcro dot.

Try making one. They really are easy. I can whip one out in less than a half an hour.
Here are a few other goodies I've tried making:

The deluxe coin purse. This one can hold dollar bills.


Gift Bag
This is my favorite item to make - a one of a kind gift bag. I make it using 8 juice pouches. They take longer to make, so I typically only have the patience to make the coin purses. But, I do love these.

I especially like this gift bag with the feather boa sewn around the top.

Have fun with this project. There's no right or wrong & it isn't expected to be perfect, so it's a fairly stress free craft.

I'd love to see what you create.

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