Monday, November 26, 2012

Cub Scouts Learn About Hockey

Since the Summer of 2009, my hubby & I have been cub scout leaders in Capt. N's pack. Capt. N has moved his way up to now being a WEBELOS. This year we get to start the whole process over with Mr. T since he is now a first grader.

Requirement 3G (Learn the rules of a game or sport. Then, go watch an amateur or professional game or sporting event.) is a fun one. When Capt. N was a tiger and now with Mr. T we chose to go to an amateur hockey game. Our local team are the Winterhawks & they are always exciting to watch. But, of course, there's more to the requirement than just watching a game. The boys are supposed to learn a little about the game. This year I found some fun ways to teach them about hockey.

I made up booklets for each of the scouts. The cover was a piece of construction paper with a hockey jersey glued on. Inside were a few activity worksheets from I used this word search to go over some hockey terms.

Mr. T's decorated jersey. The template came from Making Learning Fun.

After learning about hockey the boys played a game on a mini ice rink. I absolutely love this idea. I found it at Au Pair in America.

How to Make a Mini Ice Rink:
• Cut a piece of 17" x 22" white paper slightly smaller than the inside of an old cookie sheet.
• Using sharpies, draw a simple layout of a hockey rink on the white paper
• Cut a piece of clear contact paper to fit the inside of the cookie sheet
• Lay the white paper in the cookie sheet & cover it with the contact paper. The white paper should be smaller than the contact paper, leaving an edge completely around the cookie sheet for the contact paper to stick to.
• Fill cookie sheet about half way up the sides with water
• Carefully place the water filled cookie sheet on a flat shelf in the freezer
• After the water has turned to ice, take the cookie sheet out & play hockey!

To be honest, I wasn't sure how well the rink would work. But, it was awesome. And, had I laid the cookie sheet on a flat shelf in the freezer the first time, the boys would have had a perfect rink to play on. Instead, though, when I checked on the ice I realized it wasn't flat at all & had a huge bump of ice at one end which would make it very difficult to play the game. So I took the cookie sheet out of the freezer & noticed the rink looked perfect. The contact paper had done its job in protecting the plain paper... until I ran the hot water over the rink to melt the ice. During that process a bit of water seeped onto the white paper making it wet in a few places. But, I just covered it up with water again & stuck it back in the freezer, this time making sure the shelf was flat. When I took it out of the freezer the second time the rink wasn't perfect anymore. But, it was good enough to play on & the boys didn't care that it wasn't perfect.

The boys played one on one games. My hubby worked on a different requirement with the boys who weren't playing the game.

I used a utility knife to cut two large craft sticks. Once glued together they became our hockey sticks. We used a button as the puck.

A couple years ago, with Capt. N's tiger den, instead of a mini ice rink we made a large rink out of tape stuck to our living room floor. The boys used the large sized craft sticks as hockey sticks & a nickel as the puck.

Then, there was the fun part of actually seeing a hockey game.

The Winterhawks mascot, Tom-a-Hawk


Watching the game

Not all cub scout events turn out as I envision them. But, this hockey experience went well & I'm so lucky to have such a good group of boys.

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