Friday, November 2, 2012

Amish Country

In July Capt. N & I went back East for one fabulous, crazy-busy week. One of our stops was Amish Country in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Almost 20 million tourists visit Amish communities each year. Honestly, I did feel a bit rude gawking at them. They are people with feelings just trying to go about their daily business. I wasn't trying to be rude, I truly find the Amish fascinating. Although, I don't agree with absolutely everything they believe, I do admire their drive to continue the simple life.

We mostly just drove around wondering the back roads. I'm not exactly sure every town we drove through. But, I know we passed through Bird in Hand, Paradise & we ate lunch in Ronks at Miller's Smorgasbord, which ended up being a buffet that was a bit on the spendy side. I think Capt. N was a little bored driving around, but I loved it.

I've read many Amish books. This is exactly how I imagined it would look.

An Amish farm. Notice there aren't any electric lines going to it.

I really am one of "those" tourists. I take pictures of way too many things, but in the back of my mind I always think what if I'm never able to make it back here, ever. So, I snap away. I realize if you live in Lancaster County this is a typical thing to see in the parking lot. In the Pacific NW we don't have any Amish nearby, so this was a fun sight to see.

Another Amish farm. Most of their buildings are white. No wonder people refer to them as Plain. I actually enjoy the white. It's peaceful.

We passed many Amish people in their buggies while we were driving - in our car.

This was new to me. I didn't know the Amish rode push-scooters. I guess I don't know if all Amish ride them, but it seems to be ok by the church districts in Lancaster County.

We happened to travel through Amish Country on a Monday, which typically is wash day. We saw lots of laundry hung out to dry. Much of it was hanging in porches just like this.

Call me naive, but I was surprised at how "normal" the towns looked. If you were just passing through & didn't know you were in Amish Country, you might not even realize it. That is, until you see a buggy going down the road. In the books I've read, I imagined the Amish communities way off in their own little areas. That's not how it was at all - at least not where we visited. It appeared the Amish lived right along with everybody else. We even saw 2 different Amish families shopping in Target. It's actually the same Target you see in the beginning of the PBS film The Amish. There was an Amish farmhouse & tour right in the Target parking lot. Here's a pic on my Flickr page of that parking lot.

Another Amish farm

The countryside sure was pretty.

The people we were traveling with have bought root beer from the family that lives here many times.

Some Amish choose to make money on tourists. (I can't say I blame 'em. Us tourists seem to spend an awful lot of money). Not only did they sell root beer, but they had a whole room full of goodies to purchase.

The root beer was right up front in their little store. We bought the big jug. If I remember correctly it was $4 & it tasted pretty darn good.

We also visited a touristy place called Amish Village. I will post about that next week. To see more pics from Lancaster County check out my Flickr page.

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  1. It is beautiful country and it is almost like stepping back in time to see the Amish. I love the photos that show the contrast.


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