Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pumpkins at Night

Being out of town for almost half of October has put a slight damper on our Halloween themed art. But, I did find time to squeeze in the kids making a fun pumpkin craft that I spied over at Deep Space Sparkle. I love the idea. I don't often (if ever) think about making an art project where the time of day in the piece is night. Hopefully, now I will remember to that occasionally. The black paper of night really makes the pumpkins orange color pop.

For the most part we stuck to the original directions from Deep Space Sparkle.

Capt. N went outside to our tiny pumpkin patch and picked two pumpkins. The boys observed their own pumpkin, paying particular attention to the segments in the pumpkin and its stem. Then they used black oil pastel to draw their pumpkin. On the excess paper they also drew leaves from a pumpkin vine.

Next they used red & yellow paint to color their pumpkin. The idea was to paint each segment separately and mix the orange color right in the segment. Capt. N painted his in that manner.

Mr. T painted his entire pumpkin yellow, then came back and mixed in red.

They used the same process for painting their leaves green. And then they mixed the red, yellow & blue paint to make their brown stem.

While the paint dried, the boys used a light colored oil pastel to draw the moon & stars. Mr. T said he was making a snake constellation in the sky.

After the paint was dry, they cut out their pumpkin & leaf shapes. They used oil pastels to add vines & highlights to their pumpkin.

Capt. N decided to add a smaller pumpkin to his scene.

I'm so happy their are so many creative people in the world that we can borrow ideas from. This is another project that seems complex, but really is so simple and turned out beautifully.

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