Sunday, October 28, 2012


With Halloween coming, we did a couple monster themed activities last week... Ok really, I wanted to do a few more than this, but this is what we had time to do.

:: My Pet Monster ::
I liked this assignment because there were multiple steps and the boys had fun with each one. This was a freebie at TpT from 2nd Grade Pad
The boys had fun writing the title.

The original file came with this worksheet to fill in details about their monster. They used this worksheet to write a paragraph describing their monster. We discussed not starting every sentence with my pet monster.

Also included in the file was a sheet to fill out to create a poem. On each line you add words from only one part of speech. They didn't get it exactly right, but they had a lot of fun thinking about their monster. Capt. N's poem:
Yellow, Scary
Jumps High, Breaks Steel, Eats Everything
Two Eyes, Green Eyes, Pet Alien Dog, Minion
Sleeps, Likes Friends, Competitive
Big, Sweet

Underneath their poem is the paragraph they wrote about their monster. Mr. T's reads:
My pet monster's name is Scaredy. The color of blue. Scaredy is big and afraid. He likes to eat slugs. Scaredy sleeps in my monster barn in a hole. He likes hiding. My pet monster can run.

:: Letter Monsters ::I found this idea at No Time for Flashcards. I thought it was the perfect activity to get Princess K in on the monster theme. She still needs help recognizing all the letters & this seemed like a fun way to work on that.

Unfortunately, she was not in to the Letter Monster idea. She had fun with it for about 2 seconds & decided she was done. I let it sit on the table for a few days hoping she would decide to work on it on her own. Nope. Occasionally I'd ask if she would like me to help her with it. Nope. Can we please just do one letter? Ok. Just one sticker & she was done. Ugh. I wanted this monster mess off the table. I asked Mr. T if he would ask her if he could help her make her monsters. Thank goodness she said yes & they finished the monsters. I was so bummed that she wasn't into it. I thought the monsters were super cute.

I veered away from the original idea just a little & chose to have each monster be filled with only one letter. I got out a bunch of stickers, mostly F's, U's & N's. I also threw in a few other letters to the pile to make it slightly challenging.

Look at how cute this monster is! Who wouldn't want to fill its belly with letter stickers? Crazy, I tell ya.

Another change I made was to use construction paper & glue instead of contact paper.

Her favorite part of the whole project was adding the dots for the eyeballs. Good thing there were many eyeballs needed.

The monsters spelled out the word fun. Ironic isn't it, since she didn't have fun doing this project. I thought fun was a good word to spell out since, well, it's fun. But also, it's an easy CVC word so we could work on the sounds of those letters.

:: Monster Coloring Sheet ::Mr. T colored this monster coloring sheet from the coloring book Out of the is World by Dover.

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  1. Cute little monsters!

    Spelling City has a Halloween and Harvest spelling list for a little added fun this week, and they are free to use.

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