Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mickey's Halloween Party

We went on a road trip that just happened to put us in Disneyland during Mickey's Halloween Party. I loved it! If we lived close by, I'd take my kids every year. As if Disneyland isn't all sorts of awesome already, for this special event they throw in pumpkin details throughout the park, a special parade, awesome lighting, dance parties, candy & a good excuse to dress up. My mom & nephew met us in Anaheim & the 7 of us went trick or treating Disney style as Star Wars characters. Here's what we experienced throughout the park that night:

Some decorations, such as these pumpkins atop the entrance are out throughout the Halloween season.

When you walk through the entrance you get a wristband and a treat bag. Of course, the Disney cast were wearing cute outfits in true Disney style.

More cute decorations

The railroad depot dressed up in autumn attire. In the dark, during Mickey's Halloween Party it really looks fantastic.

From the railroad depot looking towards Main Street.

Main Street

The Haunted Mansion is dolled up in Halloween & Christmas garb.

Our Star Wars clan getting ready to go through the Haunted Mansion.

Inside the Haunted Mansion - snowy pumpkins.

A fabulously foggy Rivers of America.

You go through treat lines for  your candy. Sometimes the lines were extremely long - we didn't wait in those. That being said, the lines did move quickly. I suppose everyone is in a hurry to see and do all they can.

Whether the ride lines were long was hit or miss. We almost walked right on to Splash Mountain, which was awesome. But, we waited quite a long time for Big Thunder Mountain.

I loved these large Mickey ghosts.

The characters were dressed up in costumes, as well. But, the lines were so long we didn't end up getting pics with any of them - dang it! I think there were also characters out that aren't typically around.

More treat lines

We came home with a ton of candy, without spending our entire evening in line for it.

They also had healthier alternatives to the candy. I most often asked for those - not for me to eat, but to feed my kids during the rest of our road trip.

Space Mountain in some cool lighting.

There was a fun, villainous fireworks display towards the end of the evening. But darn it, we got there late and didn't have a great view. We could only see about half of the fireworks. Those we could see were great, though.

Check out the craziness of these fireworks.

It's a Small World in its Halloween makeover.

Mickey's Costume Party Parade. It was short, but cute.

I absolutely loved the lighting on the depot. What an awesome thing to see on the way out of the park.

Wishing you & your goblins a very Happy Halloween!

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