Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lewis & Clark Watercolor

As part of our Moving West unit, I asked Mr. T to make artwork about Lewis & Clark. The medium was watercolor pencils, which he had never used. I love watercolor pencils - however, I probably should have given him an easier assignment for his first time using them.

The first thing you do is use the pencils as you would any other colored pencils. It's especially nice if you blend multiple colors together.

I love that he added the dog, Seaman. I think he was the boys favorite part in all the Lewis & Clark stories.

After you've colored your paper, use a paintbrush & water to blend the colors.

Isn't it fun & awesome & weird how the pencil look changes into watercolor.

Mr. T's finished masterpiece.

Looking back, I should have asked him to make the background first, then watercolor it. Once it dried, draw in the people & not watercolor them. But, it was still a fun project. We will have to get the watercolor pencils out again soon.

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