Saturday, October 27, 2012

Legoland's Trick or Treaters

A couple weeks ago while on our road trip we went to Legoland. This was a first for our entire family. More on what I thought about the park later, but for today I'd like to show you my favorite things. Forget the rides, by far I enjoyed MiniLand the most. Specifically, I loved the details in MiniLand & during our trip MiniLand was full of trick or treaters.

I loved MiniLand. I loved all the plants scattered throughout the towns totally looking like full size trees. I loved the street lamps and roads and railroads & signs and moving cars, etc., etc., etc. If I needed another hobby, I could really get hooked on making brick displays. They would be seasonal. It could be so awesome. Thankfully, I don't need another hobby... Maybe when my kids grow up & move out, I'll keep their lego's and do it then.

New York City

New Orleans

San Francisco

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