Thursday, August 9, 2012

StArt - Go West, Amelia Bedelia

 After reading Go West, Amelia Bedelia the kids made a cowboy craft using primarily markers, paper, scissors & glue. I got the idea from Mrs. Picasso's Art Room. I liked all the ideas she has for the Wild Wild West theme, but decided these cowboys were the best fit for us.

They started with using a marker to add color to a paper towel.

Next, we wet the paper towel to blend the colors.
After it was dry they glued the paper towel onto construction paper to stiffen it a bit.
This was the background for their cowboy.

I cut these templates out for this kids to trace around.

I set out a variety of papers for the kids to use. They traced, cut & pasted together their cowboy.

This is what my kids have to put up with - my horrible, almost scary white board drawings.
I was attempting to show them how the human face is proportioned.

Mr. T's cowboy

Top left is Capt. N's and Mr. T's is to the right. Princess K's is the bottom left & I love it. I cut out her shapes and helped guide her on where to glue her pieces. She doesn't draw many things yet, but she can make faces. So, she added the eyes & mouth to her cowgirl. She was the only one I could convince to add feathers to her hat. Not until the artwork were done & dry did the boys think to add a strand of wheat/grass to the mouth of their cowboys. Maybe next time.

This was a perfect craft for our heading west unit & the kids really enjoyed it.

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