Sunday, August 12, 2012

School Room

Last year we converted our family room into our school room. It worked so well that we're continuing to do most of our school related tasks here. I've made a few changes since last year, but for the most part the layout is the same. It's a fairly square room with 4 sides, 3 windows & 3 doors.

• WALL 1 •
Wall 1 displays a lot of basic school stuff.

Here we have our All About Spelling board, a chart that has many uses (but at the moment is sitting empty) & a bookshelf. The top shelf is reserved for books relating to the theme we are studying.

This is the entertainment center that once held a tv when this was our family room, now it's mostly a social studies center. On top are social studies books, flashcards, a globe & handmade props. I've recently added two photos. One is Capt. N & I while in Washington DC. The other is one of those old-tyme photos of Mr. T & I. We are studying the Old West this year; the photo goes along perfectly.

In between the two maps on the wall I added this fun pic of my kids. I got the idea from Mrs. T's First Grade Class. She has many great art ideas.

Typically a DVD player and such would fill these shelves, but I have them full of math supplies.

• WALL 2 •
Wall 2 is filled mostly by the two windows, so there's not much wall space. This side of the room, though, is my desk.

My desk has a computer, printer, paper, stapler, pens, pencils - basic office supplies.

In front of my computer are the curriculum my kids are currently using. There's binders, journals, worksheets, etc.

I have their worksheets organized in these file folders. I have the year separated in to 4, 9 week terms. The file folders are full of this terms worksheets. The blue & green folders are for Capt. N. The red & green folders belong to Mr. T.

Their books & binders.

The boys sit at this table. I love the table. It's big & sturdy. But, the chairs are awful. I have to find them something better. Besides other reasons, the chairs are too low and they can't reach the table well to do their work.

• WALL 3 •
While they're at the table, they look at this wall. Click here to read more about the Writing Wall.

The white board gets a lot of use. I love it. Above the white board are spelling strategies & progress charts & a sheet with words to a vowel song. Below the white board is a chart for whatever purpose I need it for at the time. Right now it's holding our summer fun to-do list.

• WALL 4 •
Wall 4 is another mix-match mess of organized chaos. The left door is displaying all our Morning Meeting goodies. The middle section is reserved for science and the right door is our reading progress chart.

This is our science center filled with science related props & science books. It changes throughout the year depending on what we're studying. Since the year is just getting started I added some things we had around the house to the area: deer antlers, bee hives, bird nest, snake shed & a volcano the kids made this summer. At one point last year it was full of all things birds. I apologize to the person who created the little sign I have under the shelf. I got it online somewhere & now I can't fine where I got it from. When I find it, I will add the link.

This door holds our reading progress chart. The boys are using Reading A-Z. The red arrows are the levels hopefully Mr. T will work through this year & the blue ones are Capt. N's. They will be adding slips of paper to the door written with the books they've read from each level. The bottom part of the door will show the books I read, the books we read together & the chapter books Capt. N reads. By the end of the year the door should be full, showing all the books we've read.

I'm happy with the way our room is working out for us, but I'm always looking for new, improved ideas so I'm excited to see what everybody's doing at the Not Back to School Blog Hop.
Not Back to School Blog Hop


  1. Your writing wall is amazing!

  2. Okay I am officially envious of all your amazing wall space! And you have utilized every square inch of it..great job!

    Off to peruse your writing wall...

  3. Great room! It's full but not overdone or too much. Happy Homeschool year!

  4. I'm planning to homeschool my daughter starting next fall for second grade. I love how your room is set up, I am trying to convince my husband to let me turn our family room into our classroom. I am pinning your post to come back for inspiration, I absolutely love you're set up!


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