Sunday, August 12, 2012

Morning Meeting

Now that I'm homeschooling 2 of my kids I thought we should get together first thing in the morning. We've been calling this time our Morning Meeting, some people refer to it as Circle Time. It took a little thought on what exactly to put into our Morning Meeting since one boy is in 1st grade, the other in 4th. For the most part, I think we've got it worked out. The only kink is that I was also hoping to include my 4 year old during this time, but she doesn't have much interest in sticking around. I need to come up with an activity for her to do - possibly something her brothers could help her with, such as learning her letters & numbers.

Our Morning Meeting activities.
Reading (not pictured)

One boy per day completes these tasks. The sheets are laminated so the boys use dry erase markers, then erase each day.

The top green sheet is where they write the date. The top line is written out such as August 12, 2012. On the bottom line they would write 8/12/12.

Next is the number of the day, which is written on the orange sunburst. Then they do various tasks about the number such as write out the number word, write the number using tally marks, circle whether it's an even or odd number, write a number sentence, write the number in expanded form, fill in the place values & write the number 1 above, 1 below, 10 above, 10 below, 100 above & 100 below

The bottom sheet is clock work & money. I like that I can individualize this section for each boy. Capt. N will get a time like 5:12 and Mr. T may just get 5:00. I set the clock, then the boys write it digitally. I also fill in a number to the questions: What time was it _____ hours ago? and What time will it be in ____ hours? The boys fill the answers in using the digital format. For the money section, I write a dollar amount and the boys fill in how many cents that amount is worth & draw coins to show the amount.

All three of my kids have had problems saying their r's. Capt. N has trouble saying words containing the consonant combination rl such as girl & squirrel. Mr. T tends to put an n at the end of words ending in or. He will say floorn instead of floor. So I printed these silly things for us to say every morning. Four on the Floor we shout similar to how you'd shout in boot camp. We have motions to the words soar, pour, wore & bore. And the bottom sentence I have them say separately. They really enjoy doing this simple activity & Mr. T even says the words correctly. Hopefully if we repeat them enough times it will become his new/correct way to pronounce these words. After they master this sheet we will switch it with something new.

The final activity we do during our morning meeting is read. The first couple days we read Go West, Amelia Bedelia. This was a book Capt. N could easily read & Mr. T could read it with help. Some days I will read to them out of a chapter book. Some days we will read poetry. Most often whatever we read will be on the same topic as we are studying in science or social studies.

We've only been at it 2 weeks, but so far this Morning Meeting is working for us. The boys are really having fun with this part of the day.

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