Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Melted Crayon Art

I'm going to try and post a couple times per month about art projects we've been working on. I've come up with the ingenius name: Tuesday's Art. This inaugural post is melted crayon art, something I've been drooling over for months on Pinterest. This was one of those projects I actually wanted to try myself, not just help the kids with their masterpieces. But honestly, by the time all 3 kids were done I didn't want to make mine anymore. I guess I will save my creation for another day. The kids loved this project and thought the melting crayons were flat-out awesome!

There are instructions all over the internet, so I'll just give a quick run down on how we made ours.

I had canvas stored away for a different project I never made, so I dug it out for the kids. I also gave them the box of used crayons.

I told them they could choose to leave the wrappers on the crayons or peel them. Mr. T chose to peel only the wrappers off his red star.

They layed out their design, then I hot glued the crayons to the canvas.

Mr. T used all sorts of crayons - different brands, different sizes. I'm sure if you want your wax to melt equally, you should use the same type of crayon.

The kids & I took turns using a hair dryer to melt the crayons. I will warn you that we had melted wax splatters all over, so cover yourself & your workspace.

At some point we decided we had melted the crayons enough. This is Mr. T's finished product. I don't think his star turned out exactly how he had planned, but I think he's still happy with his art.

Capt. N's started out like this...

... and became this after we melted it.

Princess K decided on this design...

... After we melted the crayons, it looked completely different.

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