Monday, July 16, 2012

Government Unit

During the last school year we did a 6 week unit on the US Government. I know Capt. N thought part of it was boring, but I also know he learned a few things. I'm not sure I knew anything about our government in 3rd grade. I was in 8th or 9th when I had to take my first real class on government. I had a hard time understanding it, therefor I didn't enjoy the class. Hopefully, by making Capt. N at least a little aware of some things will keep him interested in government.

This would be what he thought was boring. Me reading out of these books & him answering questions.

I don't think this is a book Capt. N loved and he surely wouldn't have picked it himself. But, it was a good book & most importantly he learned about our current president.

A book about the founders of our country. My kids absolutely love it.

Capt. N also read the Magic Tree House books Revolutionary War on Wednesday and Civil War on Sunday. These were great books for him. We didn't really study the Revolutionary or Civil War, but he enjoyed these books & still will refer to them occasionally.

Capt. N made a Voting Lapbook

Making these models from Paper Toys was probably one of Capt. N's all time favorite activities from the year. He likes putting things together so these models were perfect for him.

We didn't actually use this book during the government unit, but we could have. There are many great periods in our history highlighted in this book.

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