Thursday, July 26, 2012

Farmer Boy Lapbook

At the beginning of the last school year, Capt. N read Farmer Boy & did a few activities relating to the book, including making this lapbook.

Capt. N read from the Farmer Boy book my mom gave me when I was a kid.

I scanned the cover & used the print out for the front of the lapbook.

On the left & right pages are the hands on activities: popcorn in milk experiment, baking bread & making candles.
The middle section shows the Wilder farm & where New York is located.

On the left is a character sketch of Almanzo & on the right is a blueprint of the Wilder Farm. These two ideas came from Homeschool Share. They have a pretty good Farmer Boy unit worth checking out.

We were also studying animal classification at the time. So, Capt. N did a worksheet on classifying the animals on the Wilder Farm. The coloring sheet came from the Cheryl Harness website.

This was the first lapbook Capt. N completed for school. He loved it.

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