Monday, July 9, 2012

Charlotte's Web Unit

The last reading unit we did was on Charlotte's Web. Capt. N loved this story.

The book & the unit guide we used.

Each week the items in the chart changed. The yellow ribbons are vocabulary words. We discussed what each word meant & Capt. N wrote a sentence using the words. Written on the pink pig were comprehension questions. He answered two per week. The white strip was a sentence or sentences from the story that I used for fluency practice.

About once a week, Capt. N did a worksheet similar to this one. This particular one he especially liked since it is a venn diagram.

Diamante Poem

I laminated these pieces so I could change them as needed. We used this to practice his multiplication facts.

This web stayed up the entire unit. Periodically, I changed the word in the web.

Since I had been coming up with words to describe Capt. N, I asked him to come up with one word for each person in our family, including himself. He chose to write smart for himself & clever for me.

Talk about old school. But, this is what my mom had. So, we watched the old cartoon version of Charlotte's Web on VHS. One of these days we will need to rent the most recent movie from the library.

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