Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Build Your Own Volcano Kit

Over the last couple years each of my boys have received the same Build Your Own Volcano Book & Kit. Why have I been letting them sit in my closet for so long? I don't know. But, after visiting Mt. St. Helens I decided now was the perfect time to make the volcanoes.

The kit comes with all these goodies, including a decent book on the makings of a real volcano.

The first step was to add water to the mix & glop it onto the cone form.

I thought the mix was plaster of paris. And maybe it was, but it seemed to take a longer time to dry.

The next day the kids painted the volcanoes. Mr. T & Princess K painted this one.

Capt. N painted this volcano.

After the paint dries, the real fun begins. There is vinegar, a squirt of dish soap, and a few drops of red food coloring in the bottles. Baking soda is waiting in the crater of the volcano.

Squeeze the bottle and the lava flows out the hole at the top of the volcano.

The baking soda & vinegar mix together making a bubbly mess. Keep the mess contained by putting your volcano in a box or in the sink.


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