Thursday, July 5, 2012

Animal Notebook

Throughout the school year Capt. N has been keeping an Animal Notebook. It is divided into two main sections: Vertebrates & Invertebrates. This has been one of Capt. N's favorite activities of the year. He enjoys learning about animals & I think he has even enjoyed doing the research. There is no rhyme or reason to the way he makes each page. Some pages are a simple form where he fills in the answers. Others are more of a collage style. Most of the animal report forms, mini books, and other animal information came from Enchanted Learning, Homeschool Share, Oklahoma Homeschool, Ranger Rick & National Geographic Kids Magazines. There are still plenty of blank pages, so we will keep working on this next year.

Here are example pages from his book:

The book is a sketch notebook. Capt. N decorated the front & I added tabs to separate the animal classes.









There is also a section on

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