Saturday, June 2, 2012

World Forestry Center

During our week on deciduous forests we went back to explore the World Forestry Center.

This discovery museum has two floors. The lower level is all about the forests here in the Pacific Northwest. The focal point is this display in the center of the room showing the plants & animals you can find in our forests.

Different sized tree "cookies" showing the diameter of a tree at various ages.

You can learn how to plant a tree correctly.

They have a timberjack harvester that the kids can sit in & steer & push buttons. It is big, real big. This is the part of the machine that picks up the trees. The museum also has a computerized simulator with the goal of collecting as many logs as possible.

They also have a little section on forest fires. This parachute is a smokejump simulator.

My kids love trying out their skills at smokejumping.

There is a small area at a little lower level showing what it looks like underground. There's roots, worms & animal dens.

The kids love climbing through the large nurse log. Inside are displays showing animals that make a home out of the down log.

The upper level showcases forests from all around the world. There is a display showing where the forests are located throughout the world and what type of products come from these forests.

A virtual trip around the world exploring the many types of forests.

The first stop is a train ride through the boreal forest of Russia.

Then a boat ride in China through a temperate forest.

Next, a jeep ride in the subtropical forest of southern Africa.

The last stop is a crane ride in the canopy of a tropical forest in Brazil.
I love how interactive this exhibit is. My only complaint is that it is difficult to hear the narrator telling us about what we're watching. So, it's hard to keep my kids attention on what is being said. Maybe if we go here enough times they will finally hear the entire script.

Don't forget to finish the scavenger hunt for a prize at the end.

This is a great museum with lots of good information presented in a fun way. But, if I had to choose between this one & the Tillamook Forest Center I think I'd choose Tillamook's. The displays at the Tillamook Forest Center are creative & very well done.

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