Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Week 36

Since Capt. N already completed his curriculum this was a light work week. But, he still read a number of stories from Raz Kids, practiced typing, wrote a paper telling what he enjoyed about this school year & what he's looking forward to next year & worked on the zoo keeper math project. Piano lessons are also over for the year. Capt. N & the other students each performed a piece in a recital.

Pics from the Week:

As part of the zoo keeper project Capt. N made a map of his zoo. He chose a medium sized zoo, which meant he could have 8 different animals.

My one complaint with the project was that it didn't list an admission price. We had to think up our own price. Maybe that was the idea - I don't know. But, the scenarios were already figured out & it was going to make a huge difference whether you had enough money or went bankrupt. We decided on an admission price of $10 since that is close to the price of the Oregon Zoo. By the end of the week, Capt. N's zoo went bankrupt. I might have him do this project again next year when we can spend a bit more time on it & can raise the admission cost.

We've done it!
A year ago I was unsure how homeschooling would go. I'm so happy to say, it has gone great. It hasn't always been easy, but I learned I can teach my children & they can actually enjoy learning from me.

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