Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Week 35

Pics from the Week:

Monday was Memorial Day. We spent the weekend at the beach with a slough of family & friends. To see more pics, check out my new Flickr page. My boys know the reason Memorial Day is a holiday, but part of me feels guilty for not doing more to show them. I'm going to have to make a point to do that.

Last week we stopped on our 7th continent around the world. This week, we finished up by "flying" back home. Our round trip voyage was 45,210 miles.

I bought this activity from Teachers Pay Teachers. We are doing a quick version by doing an activity card every day instead of only once or twice per week.

The big event for the week was Capt. N took his state test. The whole month of May we've been using this book from Spectrum to get ready for the test.

I have no idea how he did on his test yet, but after it was over he came out in a good mood. I take that as a great sign. If the tests were overly stressful & difficult for him he would have been frustrated afterwards. He also brought out his scratch paper which had a little bit of math work on it and a ton of doodles. I'm also taking the doodles as a good sign. This test was given in the old school method with your #2 pencil & filling in the bubbles - like I took as a kid. The public school kids (at least around here) take the test on the computer & can work on it as long as needed. Capt. N was with a small group of other kids taking the same test & one woman giving the directions for the test. Each section was timed. The reason the doodles make me happy are because it means he finished many sections within the allotted time frame. He is generally slow on accomplishing anything worksheet related. I'm glad to see he was able to keep up... I just hope he also remembered to go back and double check his work with that free time.

Only one more week left. Wow!

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