Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer is off to a Great Start

We've been enjoying summer break for 2 weeks now & are already off to a great start full of fun activities. We've gone camping with the scouts, spent Father's Day with my family, gone to the zoo with my sister & her kids, played at the park, gone to a couple movies, took a day trip to Mt. St. Helens & spent a week at VBS. We went to a fabulous, extra special birthday party for my friend's son who turned 3. It was also a party celebrating the end of his cancer treatment. The weather was perfect that day & the kids had a great time.

I might as well make use of the charts hanging empty in the school room.
I turned this one into our summer fun list. The kids & I wrote activities we would like to do over the summer on little pieces of colored paper. A few of the things we wrote were eat an elephant ear, have a water fight, go to farmer's market & create melted crayon art. As we've done an activity, we cross it off with a big, red X.

Although I want summer to be mostly for playing, I also want the kids to keep up with a few "school" subjects. I made each of my kids a chart similar to this. The idea is that each time they do an activity they place a sticker on the correct row for this week. If they fill in the entire row for the week, they will get a couple dollars. $1 will go into their spending account & $1 will go into their saving account. I was worried I might be giving them too much money this summer for this. But, I haven't given anybody even a penny yet. Apparently, they aren't too motivated to do "school" over the summer. In their defense, we've been quite busy. When we've been home they just want to play. I can't blame them. Next week is a slow week, I'm expecting better results.

Each child has a pocket. In each pocket are the school work charts, as well as papers for the reading programs they are taking part in.

~ Mt. St. Helens ~
The kids & I went with a friend of mine & her family to Mt. St. Helens. The drive was long, but I'm sure glad we went. My boys love volcanoes, so this was super cool to them.

~ Oregon Zoo ~
We spent a day at the zoo, which is always a hit with my kids.

During the summer, the zoo has a birds of prey show.

The zoo now has 4 geocaches. Yay! We found three of them this time.

~ Chicks ~
We've bought chicks before. But, this is our first experience watching the whole process starting with a mama hen setting on a clutch of eggs. For me, this has been my favorite thing so far this summer.

Aren't they cute!
To read more about them click here to visit my gardening blog.

I hope everyone else is having a great start to summer, as well!

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