Saturday, June 30, 2012

Old Pics of Mt. St. Helens

After we visited Mt. St. Helens I asked my mom to show the boys some photos she has in an album. They are great shots.

My dad tells two stories from that time.
The first story ~ We lived in the country & the neighbors had goats. Ash covered everything, so my dad took the hose and washed it off the roof & plants near the house. The goats got out & ate all our rose bushes since they were the only things not covered in ash.
The second story ~ Ash covered the ground similar to snow. At my dad's job they closed off some of the entrances into the buildings so you could only enter through a select few. For months after the eruption you had to go through a cleaning process before you could go in to work.

Mt. St. Helens prior to May 18, 1980
May 18, 1980
The eruption of Mt. St. Helens
Particles from the ash made it around the world in 2 weeks.
Above the clouds

Another pic from my mom when they visited in 1992.

A view of Mt. St. Helens that I took when I worked in downtown Portland.
I got a chuckle out of this photo. It was taken on my very first digital camera at a size of 640x480 pixels.


A photo I took at the Johnston Ridge Observatory showing the changes over the years.
The top photo was taken in 1979
Middle photo: 1985
Bottom photo: 2000

Besides the obvious difference in the shape of the mountain, I'm fascinated by the change in vegetation. In 1979 it was a thriving forest. 5 years after the eruption there isn't any green on the mountains. 15 years after that plants & trees appear to be making a come back.

What an amazing natural event to happen in our lifetime.

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