Sunday, June 3, 2012

Deciduous Forest

Our final stop on our trip around the world was the deciduous forest of Europe.

For this weeks biome display I had the boys go to their room and find animals that could be found in a deciduous forest.

From the Russian tundra to the deciduous forest of Europe is about 3960 miles.

Deciduous forest chart.
We rummaged through our continent box filled with all things European.

Capt. N's deciduous forest postcard.

We watched the Seasonal Forests episode of Planet Earth.

This weeks art project was based on the yearly cycle of a deciduous tree. Capt. N started out by drawing one tree shape with branches. Then, I made 3 more copies of the tree. Now he had 4 trees - one for each season. Next, he used a pencil eraser to dot leaves on the trees. After the paint dried he glued his trees in order & titled his artwork.

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