Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Week 32

Pics from the Week:

We finished up the (almost) daily grammar lessons this week. Capt. N enjoyed the fun little story we've been working through the last few months. But, it feels so good to be finished with something... Now if I could just get him to remember these rules when he's actually writing something. He did pretty well on correcting the sentences from this book. But, he makes many errors in grammar with his own writing.

Oh, how I hate long division. Well, actually, I think it's fine. But, trying to teach it to Capt. N is not working out as well as all the other math has this year. We had a short week this week, but we did spend a little time on long division. He's got the idea: how many times does this number go into that number. But, the process of figuring out the answer is a struggle. He can't keep straight when you multiply or what you multiply.

I mentioned last week that the math curriculum is throwing in a bunch of new stuff at the end of the book. One of the new things this week was learning what it means when a number is squared or cubed. I used these to give Capt. N a visual. To show 2² I made a square that was 2 blocks by 2 blocks. Then we counted the individual blocks. For 2³ I made a cube that was 2 blocks high by 2 blocks wide by 2 blocks deep. We counted the 8 blocks. I put together another 2x2 square to show how cubed works. We had one 2x2 square, then we had to multiply that by two. That's where my new 2x2 square came in... I sure hope I explained this better to Capt. N than I am explaining it here. It really was a quick & simple visual. I am now somehow making it sound complicated.

Last year at school Capt. N's class barely touched on subtraction with regrouping. Saxon 3 discusses it a little, but Capt. N still makes one main mistake. When he needs to cross out the number in the ones column and change it to 10 more, he often in his head adds the ten, and then writes down one less. For example if there is a 4 in the ones column that will be regrouped, he will change it to a 13 instead of 14. He was taught to cross out all the numbers he is changing, which makes sense. But, to help drive in the point that it is really only adding 10 more I showed him in the way I learned. I was taught to simply add a small one (representing 10) near the number in the ones column. Then cross out the number in the tens column and change it to the one less. Again, I'm making this sound much more complicated than it is. He got every question right doing it this way. Whew!

This week we traveled to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Read about it here.

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