Saturday, May 12, 2012

Week 31

Pics from the Week:

We finished lesson 130 this week, which means we only have 10 lessons left for the year. Amazing! I did it! I survived teaching a whole year of math! Capt. N survived a whole year of math at home!

I feel like the Saxon math we're using has moved along at a decent pace - maybe even a little slow in the beginning. But, this last week or two and the last 10 lessons seem to be a bit difficult with many new topics. It's like they're throwing in a bunch of 4th grade work just to see if the kids can do it. I'm not necessarily against that, but it does seem like a lot of new concepts all at once. I know this is the main complaint about Saxon - that they skip around a lot without mastering a subject first. Honestly, all year though, I haven't felt it to be a problem. I actually like that he is continually reminded of all the various topics. They introduced simple division just a couple weeks ago. Now the book is already moving him on to long division problems. That is a huge step in a short amount of time. He does great with simple division, but he's struggling with long division - although, I have assured him once he totally gets each step it will be a cinch.
He learned the names of three different angles this week. I asked him to make this to help cement the names in his brain. I also told him he could remember the littlest angles by saying to himself "a cute little baby." Hopefully the correlation between little and cute remind him that the word acute is for the angle smaller than the right angle.

The math curriculum touched on area & perimeter a couple weeks ago. Although I feel Capt. N grasped the concept, I wanted to do a fun project to hopefully help him even more. I asked him to make a robot similar to the one I saw here. I gave him the area measurements of each body part. It was up to him to cut out the parts to fit the measurement. Then he figured out the perimeter of each piece.

We traveled to the Sahara Desert this week. Read more about it here.

This was the week of the super moon. It was supposed to be at its peak around 8:35 that night. I kept peaking outside to see if it was visible yet & I asked the kids to let me know if they saw it. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed. By the time it got above the trees and peaked out of the clouds, it wasn't terribly super. It was bright & still kinda cool, but not near the moon I was expecting.

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