Monday, May 14, 2012

Coral Reef

The next stop on our trip around the world was the Great Barrier Reef in Australia studying the coral reef biome. I especially loved this week because many years ago I used to scuba dive & this brought back many fun memories.

Our coral reef display. There are a few books and Disney's Finding Nemo DVD. I also added a couple personal treasures the hubby & I have collected on our tropical vacations.

Stamping his passport

A section of the coral reef chart.

The front of Capt. N's postcard. I love that he drew a diver.

His fish stamp

Capt. N loves exploring the continent boxes. This is what Australia's box looks like.

Before we had kids, the hubby & I were fortunate enough to go on a number of diving vacations. Capt. N & I looked through 2 of my diving scrapbooks. This photo is from one my favorite diving moments. During a night dive in Bonaire we witnessed coral spawning (that's the blurry stuff in the photos). This is not something you see everyday. It was definitely a rare treat that I won't forget.
Our Bahamas trip was a fun book to look through with Capt. N. The number one reason is that Capt. N loves these pics of his dad near a barracuda. Dad earned a few more cool points with these pics. And second, there is a fun story involving Capt. N. We booked this trip with some diving friends many, many months in advance. This wasn't an ordinary vacation, we spent a week out at sea on a fairly small motorized sail boat. As life would have it, I ended up being 8 weeks pregnant with Capt. N on this trip. So not only did I not get to dive, but I was also extremely sick from the morning sickness combined with the rocking boat. I did get in a couple good snorkeling adventures though. The pics in this photo were taken by a friend of ours & my dad.

I love Wyland! He's an amazing artist and a marine conservation activist. Capt. N & I looked through this book.

He's paintings are Beautiful, with a capital B.

His sculptures are fantastic. We went into his gallery once and I wished we had the money to buy a table similar to this. Now I laugh. What in the world would I do with a table like this? But, I do love it.

Outside Wyland's gallery in Waikiki. I couldn't afford much in there, but I did buy his Artist of the Sea book.

A funny coincidence.
I checked this book out at the library. I didn't really look through it first. It had the word reef in it, so I checked it out. Capt. N & I had just finished looking through Wyland's book when I started reading him Riddle of the Reef. And I'll be danged, one of the characters in the book was Wyland himself. It was a fun coincidence.

Capt. N wanted to do another silhouette project, so he did one of the coral reef.

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