Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Continent Box - Europe

Our final continent box is full of all things European. Europe has so many different cultures & many got left out of our box. Hopefully I will continue to find fun things to add to this box.

Envelopes holding examples of animals, landmarks & art styles in Europe. The flag wheels are from Enchanted Learning.
About 10 years ago the hubby & I traveled to England for a week. I added a few of the coins I saved to the continent box.
During our trip to England we took a day & went to Paris. France uses the Euro. I included a few of those coins as well.
The booklet of French numbers is from Enchanted Learning. I also printed examples of Roman numerals & the Greek alphabet.
In the box are also postcards that my mom had & pics I took on our vacation.
A few books
The map workbook was from the Dollar Store. I bought the book on the Louvre during our visit. And, the book on Greece I got at Barnes & Noble during one of their buy 2 get one free event.
Papers and activities printed from:
Making Friends
Practical Pages
Paper Toys

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