Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Continent Box - Europe

Our final continent box is full of all things European. Europe has so many different cultures & many got left out of our box. Hopefully I will continue to find fun things to add to this box.

Envelopes holding examples of animals, landmarks & art styles in Europe. The flag wheels are from Enchanted Learning.
About 10 years ago the hubby & I traveled to England for a week. I added a few of the coins I saved to the continent box.
During our trip to England we took a day & went to Paris. France uses the Euro. I included a few of those coins as well.
The booklet of French numbers is from Enchanted Learning. I also printed examples of Roman numerals & the Greek alphabet.
In the box are also postcards that my mom had & pics I took on our vacation.
A few books
The map workbook was from the Dollar Store. I bought the book on the Louvre during our visit. And, the book on Greece I got at Barnes & Noble during one of their buy 2 get one free event.
Papers and activities printed from:
Making Friends
Practical Pages
Paper Toys

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Week 33

All week Capt. N was ill so we didn't go about the schoolwork full force. I told him the good thing about homeschooling is that we can take it easy when he's not feeling well. The bummer is that he doesn't get to "miss" school just because he's sick. We worked on it during the times he was feeling better. We are so close to finishing up a few of our units that I didn't want to get behind. But, we did take it easy & I have very few pics from the week.

Pics from the Week:

This week we learned about the tundra biome, including that it is approximately 6600 miles from the great barrier reef. To read more about it, click here.

Ok, I don't have a pic. But, I do have a comment. I think he's finally almost fully understanding long division. He's been missing about half the problems, as opposed to all of them. Sometimes he seems to remember each step in correct order, then other times he forgets. But, he is improving.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


After visiting the great barrier reef on our trip around the world, we explored the tundra of Russia. I wasn't feeling well the week before, so I didn't have much in the way of extras for this week. But, it didn't matter anyway. Capt. N felt crummy all this week so we only did the basics for this unit.

Biome chart with tundra information.

As I said, we didn't do much on this unit - including in the display. I added two books, that's it.

For the postcard, Capt. N chose to draw a herd of musk ox.

We looked through our box on Asia. But, it had nothing related to Russia or Siberia which is where the tundra is located.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Continent Box - Asia

Here's a peek into the goodies in Asia's box.

Flag wheels from Enchanted Learning.
The Chinese counting book is from Enchanted Learning. I found the Japanese numbers & characters through a web search.
Same as in the other boxes - envelopes with landmarks, animals, money & art. The money samples are printed from this site.
Misc. Items
Dress up dolls from Making Friends.
Papers and activities printed from:
Practical Pages
Paper Toys
Photos & a postcard from family & friends.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Week 32

Pics from the Week:

We finished up the (almost) daily grammar lessons this week. Capt. N enjoyed the fun little story we've been working through the last few months. But, it feels so good to be finished with something... Now if I could just get him to remember these rules when he's actually writing something. He did pretty well on correcting the sentences from this book. But, he makes many errors in grammar with his own writing.

Oh, how I hate long division. Well, actually, I think it's fine. But, trying to teach it to Capt. N is not working out as well as all the other math has this year. We had a short week this week, but we did spend a little time on long division. He's got the idea: how many times does this number go into that number. But, the process of figuring out the answer is a struggle. He can't keep straight when you multiply or what you multiply.

I mentioned last week that the math curriculum is throwing in a bunch of new stuff at the end of the book. One of the new things this week was learning what it means when a number is squared or cubed. I used these to give Capt. N a visual. To show 2² I made a square that was 2 blocks by 2 blocks. Then we counted the individual blocks. For 2³ I made a cube that was 2 blocks high by 2 blocks wide by 2 blocks deep. We counted the 8 blocks. I put together another 2x2 square to show how cubed works. We had one 2x2 square, then we had to multiply that by two. That's where my new 2x2 square came in... I sure hope I explained this better to Capt. N than I am explaining it here. It really was a quick & simple visual. I am now somehow making it sound complicated.

Last year at school Capt. N's class barely touched on subtraction with regrouping. Saxon 3 discusses it a little, but Capt. N still makes one main mistake. When he needs to cross out the number in the ones column and change it to 10 more, he often in his head adds the ten, and then writes down one less. For example if there is a 4 in the ones column that will be regrouped, he will change it to a 13 instead of 14. He was taught to cross out all the numbers he is changing, which makes sense. But, to help drive in the point that it is really only adding 10 more I showed him in the way I learned. I was taught to simply add a small one (representing 10) near the number in the ones column. Then cross out the number in the tens column and change it to the one less. Again, I'm making this sound much more complicated than it is. He got every question right doing it this way. Whew!

This week we traveled to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Read about it here.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Coral Reef

The next stop on our trip around the world was the Great Barrier Reef in Australia studying the coral reef biome. I especially loved this week because many years ago I used to scuba dive & this brought back many fun memories.

Our coral reef display. There are a few books and Disney's Finding Nemo DVD. I also added a couple personal treasures the hubby & I have collected on our tropical vacations.

Stamping his passport

A section of the coral reef chart.

The front of Capt. N's postcard. I love that he drew a diver.

His fish stamp

Capt. N loves exploring the continent boxes. This is what Australia's box looks like.

Before we had kids, the hubby & I were fortunate enough to go on a number of diving vacations. Capt. N & I looked through 2 of my diving scrapbooks. This photo is from one my favorite diving moments. During a night dive in Bonaire we witnessed coral spawning (that's the blurry stuff in the photos). This is not something you see everyday. It was definitely a rare treat that I won't forget.
Our Bahamas trip was a fun book to look through with Capt. N. The number one reason is that Capt. N loves these pics of his dad near a barracuda. Dad earned a few more cool points with these pics. And second, there is a fun story involving Capt. N. We booked this trip with some diving friends many, many months in advance. This wasn't an ordinary vacation, we spent a week out at sea on a fairly small motorized sail boat. As life would have it, I ended up being 8 weeks pregnant with Capt. N on this trip. So not only did I not get to dive, but I was also extremely sick from the morning sickness combined with the rocking boat. I did get in a couple good snorkeling adventures though. The pics in this photo were taken by a friend of ours & my dad.

I love Wyland! He's an amazing artist and a marine conservation activist. Capt. N & I looked through this book.

He's paintings are Beautiful, with a capital B.

His sculptures are fantastic. We went into his gallery once and I wished we had the money to buy a table similar to this. Now I laugh. What in the world would I do with a table like this? But, I do love it.

Outside Wyland's gallery in Waikiki. I couldn't afford much in there, but I did buy his Artist of the Sea book.

A funny coincidence.
I checked this book out at the library. I didn't really look through it first. It had the word reef in it, so I checked it out. Capt. N & I had just finished looking through Wyland's book when I started reading him Riddle of the Reef. And I'll be danged, one of the characters in the book was Wyland himself. It was a fun coincidence.

Capt. N wanted to do another silhouette project, so he did one of the coral reef.

Continent Box - Australia

Here is Australia's continent box. It has the same basic things as my other boxes. I'd like to add a boomerang, some vegemite and a Wiggles & Crocodile Dundee movie.

Art Styles envelope. The art I chose to highlight are the xray style, petroglyphs, bark painting, rock art, body painting & dot art.

Our landmarks flash cards came with two from Australia.

A few animals in our animals envelope.
Mr. T loves the platypus. Check out his platypus lapbook.

The money samples are printed from this site.

My mom collects postcards. This is one she received from somebody traveling to Australia, so I added to this box.

Papers and activities printed from:
Making Friends
Practical Pages
Paper Toys

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