Tuesday, April 24, 2012

World Trip Overview

For 9 weeks we will be doing a unit on biomes. The first week was an introduction to habitat & biomes & a review of the continents. The next seven weeks we will be visiting (in our imaginations) each of the 7 continents & stopping in 7 different biomes. The last week we will use to tie up any loose ends. 
The geography center. The materials on the cork board are staying for the entire unit. The items in front will change weekly based on which biome and continent we're studying. To see how we made the map check out this post.
One envelope holds the passport I downloaded from Guest Hollow.com. The other envelope holds 7 blank postcards - one for each continent we visit. I also added a miles traveled sign so we can easily keep track of how far we've traveled.
Front of the Passport
Every time we visit a new continent Capt. N will get a stamp in his passport.
Each week we will add a push pin to our next destination. We will also show how many miles it we traveled from our last stop.
Every Thursday Capt. N will get a blank postcard. He gets to decorate the front.
He also gets to design a stamp, write a short letter home to his dad & address it.
To download my postcard template click here.

Here's what I came up with as visuals for this unit.
The top two rows are dictionary definitions. Most of my definitions came from Merriam-webster. I also added pronunciation, syllables and part of speech. The word biome will stay the entire unit. The specific biome will change weekly.
Next we have 3 graphs: average annual rainfall, average high temp & average low temp. Capt. N will add the new information each week.
The bottom row shows basic information about the biome. Usually the left side will show a food web or forest layers & where the biome is located throughout the world. The right worksheet shows the producers, herbivores, omnivores, carnivores & decomposers of the biome. I print a blank worksheet & the various plants & animals. Capt. N decides where they fit in the food web & glues them down. I'm so proud of him. When he doesn't know for sure if something is an omnivore, carnivore or herbivore he grabs one of his animal books & looks it right up.

Each week Capt. N will pick an animal from the biome we are studying & do a short report on it. He's done similar reports various times through the year. He loves doing them. As well as learning a little more about a particular animal, I'm also using these reports as a way to simply get him to write. He's also  learning how to do research. When he can't find the information he's looking for in one of his books, he has learned how to use google to find it. He's also learned how to find a picture online & print it. This is laid back & quick & he loves it. He's so proud of himself when he's finished his report.
I would like Capt. N to do one art project based on a biome each week as well.
Any time we can take a field trip we will.

It's been a tad time consuming getting this all together, but Capt. N really enjoys all of it. Well, except for the dictionary definitions. I think he's kind of bored by those. But, he loves finding & adding the information to the graphs, figuring out the food web & doing the animal reports. So far, this seems to be a fun way for him to learn about both continents & biomes.

Links to our Continents/Biomes:
North America: Temperate Rainforest

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  1. I love all of this! I am especially impressed with how inviting it looks on the wall. I love how you have put the mileage on yarn. I love the passports, etc. Wonderful!! Thanks for linking up to the History and Geography Meme.

  2. Yes I love your map. I'll be back to check out some of your other posts!


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