Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week 30

Pics from the Week:

We started the week by taking a trip to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Fest on Monday. It was a beautiful day to match the beautiful flowers. To see more pics check out this post on my Gardening blog.

Capt. N learned about perpendicular lines this week. I saw something similar to this on pinterest & decided to have Capt. N make our own version. I love the concept & love it when he can do more than just fill out a worksheet to learn. I hung this up near Gallon Guy.

This week we "traveled" to Antarctica. We watched a few movies and made this fun painting. To find out how Capt. N made it click here.

At the end of May Capt. N will be taking state testing, so I am having him work in a test prep book. He is driving me a bit bananas. He's missing some of  the easy questions on the prep tests. Why? I don't know. The kid can add, so why is he missing addition problems?...

... The little rascal. The next day I rewrite the problems on the white board that he got wrong exactly as they are written on the test. He doesn't have a multiple choice bubble to fill in, and he gets the answer correct. Every single one. Well, I guess this is why I'm having him take these prep tests - so I can help him with his test taking abilities.

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