Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Week 28

Pics from the Week:

On Saturday my hubby took our boys to the Tillamook Forest Center. I haven't been there myself (yet). But, they really enjoyed it. They planted trees & learned about the Tillamook Burn. Here's a short blurb Capt. N wrote about his trip:
The other day I went to the Tillamook Forestry Center. In 1933 there was a big forest fire that burned over
half the forest. I planted about 25 cedar and fir tree. I learned there are different seeds for different trees. I had fun at the Forestry Center.
We also went to OMSI this week to see the exhibit Art of the Brick. To see more pics click here.

Venn diagram comparing/contrasting the country & the city. This worksheet is out of the Charlotte's Web guide.

Using the venn diagram as a guide, Capt. N wrote a diamante poem. I added the poem to our other social studies corner.
Peaceful, Green
Farming, Resting, Crowing
Bear, Tractor, Rats, Subway
Touring, Working, Ringing
Busy, Gray

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