Thursday, April 12, 2012

Week 27

 Not much to report this week. We were just getting back into the swing of things after a fabulous non-busy spring break. Next week we are starting our unit on Charlotte's Web & another unit on the biomes of the earth, so this week we did a few introductory activities. My hubby asked if biome was a real word or just something I made up. I assure you it's a real word (although, not one I ever learned in school). Here's Wikipedia's biome page.

Pics from the Week:

We are starting an 8 week unit on Charlotte's Web. Capt. N could read this book quicker than that, but the guide I have for the unit breaks the book into 8 lessons. I want to do many of the fun activities the guide suggests. I feel like we've been slacking a bit on writing & vocabulary. This unit will help me get back on track with those subjects.

I got the book from a sale at the library. I do wish it had the original cover, but the inside illustrations are the originals by Garth Williams.

This is my version of what is suggested in the Charlotte's Web guide. It suggests making a large web and having each child in the class make a spider & add it to the web. I only have one student and I wasn't sure where the large spider web was going to go, so instead I drew a web on a small white board. Capt. N colored and cut out the spider, which we then added to the white board. Each week I'm going to add a new word describing Capt. N to the web. He thought it was pretty cool. I love it when I do school related things that he likes.

Math game courtesy of the Charlotte's Web guide.
I copied the images onto colored card stock & laminated everything so I can change the numbers on the game as often as needed. It's like tic tac toe. I pick a blue ribbon and call out the multiplication fact. Capt. N uses a marker to cover up the answer. When he gets three in a row, he wins. It's such a quick game that we usually end up going to black out. Then play it again. We've decided I need to print out one more pig game board, so we can play against each other. That would be more fun & then it would be all ready for next year when the two boys can play together.

We are also starting a unit on on the biomes of the world with an imaginary voyage to each continent. To see how we made the map check out this post.

In preparation for our world travels we did a little review of longitude, latitude, etc. with this Hemisphere's Mini Book from Practical Pages
I loved the idea of this book, but I was a little confused about how to put it together. We finally came up with something that seemed to work. This is the front.
We glued this page onto the front of the page the author calls the base circle. On top of this we stapled the page showing the Northern & Southern Hemispheres.
Flip the book over. This is the back.
On the back side of the base circle we glued the Arctic & Antarctic Circle page. On top of this we stapled the page on longitude.

Here's to another week of homeschooling gone by! I can't believe we're nearing the end of our first year & we've not only survived it, but Capt. N is thriving. Homeschooling is not a journey I ever thought I'd be taking, but I'm so glad we decided to try it.

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