Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tropical Rainforest

After visiting North America, the next stop on our imaginary world tour was to the Amazon rainforest in South America. This part of the world is a favorite for my kids - as I'm sure it is for many kids. There is such an array of fun plants & animals. They love the big snakes, colorful birds & frogs, monkeys & big cats.

Our geography center for the week.

We used our globe & multiplication to figure out approximately how many miles it is from the temperate rainforest of the Pacific Northwest to the Amazon rainforest. We came up with 5,280 miles.

A few rainforest goodies. Toy animals from the boys collection, a Tropical Rainforest leveled reader from scholastic, Afternoon on the Amazon Magic Tree House book & a book from the library: Jan Brett's The Umbrella.

South America stamp in Capt. N's passport.

Every week Capt. N is "sending" a postcard to his dad who didn't travel on this trip with us. He decorates the front & writes a little message on the back.

The geography chart filled with info on the rainforest.

Capt. N chose to do his rainforest animal report on a toucan. The animal report wheel is from Enchanted Learning.

Rainforest collage made by Capt. N.

Our rainforest theme took us to the Oregon Zoo once again. To see my post on our trip through the Amazon Flooded Forest exhibit click here.


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