Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tillamook Forest Center - Hike

During our study on the temperate rainforest we visited the Tillamook Forest Center. I can't decide if the Tillamook Forest is technically a temperate rainforest or just a coniferous forest. Some maps list it as a rainforest, others do not. A couple hours north of here is Olympic National Park, which is definitely a rainforest. To me, the only difference is that we don't get quite as much rain as the Olympic National Park - but we still get a heck of a lot of rain. And, although, we live in an area very similar to this the kids still have a great time exploring some place new.

The  back door of the Tillamook Forest Center goes right out onto a bridge that crosses the river. From there you can take hike through the forest.

The Wilson River

A typical view in the Tillamook Forest.

Salmon Berry flower

Salmon Berry flower

Ground covering

A rather soggy trillium

Redwood Sorrel

Wood Violet

Wilson River and the bridge

Spring Queen

This crow is the only bird we saw on our trip. We heard many birds singing, though.

Bleeding heart

It was a nice, gravel trail.

Forest floor

Pink fawn lily
I was so excited to see these. I haven't noticed them around our house.

Pink fawn lily

Inside the museum was a replica of a rotten log and all the things living on it. We found the real deal on our walk.

At one end of the fallen log was a deep crevice. The kids were wishing we had a flashlight with us to check it out. The flash on my camera brightened it up quite a bit, though.

The end of a fallen log and all its greenery. We have lots of moss, lichens and epichytes around here.

More green stuff on top of a log.

One more pic of the green stuff on a log.

Indian Plum or Osoberry

It was a great walk.
It's spring, so there were many plants in bloom.
It was definitely worth the drive.

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