Thursday, April 26, 2012

Temperate Rainforest

The first stop on our world tour was a temperate rainforest in North America. This is very similar to the biome we live in, so it was a great place to start. Although, I think the idea of a temperate rainforest confused Capt. N a little bit. He's only ever heard about tropical rainforests. I could have also chosen a coniferous forest as our home biome.

During this week, the chart looked like this.

Definitions from the dictionary

I stamped Capt. N's "passport."

Capt. N chose to do his report on the coyote.

Front side of his temperate rainforest postcard.

The stamp Capt. N designed for the postcard.

I sent Capt. N on a mission to collect things from his bedroom that are found in the temperate rainforest. These are the things he came back with.

Since we were visiting North America, we rummaged through our North America continent box - even though there wasn't much on the temperate rainforest.

We had a great visit at the Tillamook Forest Center.

We also went to the World Forestry Center.

Some maps state we live in a temperate rainforest, some don't. Either way, we have many of the same plants and animals as Olympic National Park, which is a temperate rainforest.

The temperate rainforest is home to many mosses, lichens and epiphytes.

The trilliums are in bloom right now.

This was a fun week. I actually learned a few things about our environment, as well.

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